The Logs at Canyon Creek
P.O. Box 5054
Glacier WA 98244
Telephone: (360) 599-2711

Who We Are?

The Logs at Canyon Creek is owned by Tom and Wendy Cosgrove, and operated by The Logs, Inc. of Glacier, WA. Our Vacation Rental pool consists of our original five 2bdrm log cabins. We can accommodate groups and family reunions of up to 50 guests.


The Logs Resort was established in the mid 1950's by Rod and Hazel Ohlsen, at the lower end of Canyon Creek near the confluence with the North Fork of the Nooksack River. The Resort consisted of five rustic log cabins and a main house, also log construction. In the early years the cabins were leased to ski clubs in the winter season. As time went on, a large outdoor pool was constructed on the riverbottom, and the cabins were opened to the public year round. Many families began the tradition of spending their vacations at The Logs Resort. Some of these families have been staying with us for over 30 years now!In the 1970's the Canyon Creek watershed was heavily logged. Forest practices were not as regulated then, and the result was steep, unstable slopes within the watershed. In 1989-1990 these slopes failed during severe winter storms, and this led to massive debris torrent flooding on Canyon Creek, washing away some homes. In the following years attempts were made to control mother nature with levies.Tom and Wendy Cosgrove, and Larry and Avalea Watts purchased The Logs Resort from the original owners in 1997. Plans were to expand the Resort, however these plans were not realized due to the risk of flooding. After several years of working with the county to mitigate the risks, it was determined that property aquisition was the better alternative than flood control structures.In 2004 all five cabins and the main house were picked up and moved about 1/2 mile upstream on Canyon Creek, out of the floodplain. The move was quick and by March of 2005 the cabins were back in operation, renovated yet very much the same as always.Our mission is to continue to provide affordable lodging for family oriented vacations. We want you to take a step back in time, take a deep breath, and relax..........